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How to Find a Good Floor Service Company in the Seattle Area

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Todd Stockwell
Published: 1-15-2021
Updated: 1-26-2021
10 min read

Are you a property manager that's looking for a company to maintain your carpet? Are you a homeowner that's looking for someone to touch up your wood floor?

You need a local & professional floor service company that can do the job right and charge a reasonable price.

This article is a transcript of an interview with our company CEO Todd Stockwell. You can find the link to watch the full interview at the end of this article.

During the interview, Todd talked about what services we offer and the key differences between us and the average floor service company.

interview with Todd Stockwell, CEO of Premier Services LLC

Company Overview

Our company Premier Services LLC was founded in 2019. We are a professional floor service company serving both commercial and residential clients. We focus on floor care, such as carpet, concrete, tile & grout, vinyl & other hard surface cleaning & maintenance. We serve clients from Bellingham to Olympia, and from Bremerton to Issaquah.

Continuing the Heritage of Honesty, Work Ethic & Good Floor Service

Todd grew up in North Dakota. His father has owned an interior store for the last 45 years. The store provided floor services, and many other handyman services. Growing up, Todd always worked alongside his father and took on his work ethic and honesty. He learned valuable lessons such as doing the job thoroughly even if it takes longer than the hours you're paid for. In 2008, Todd and his wife moved to the Seattle area. Since then, his mission has been to bring that midwestern "promise & deliver" vibe to the Pacific Northwest.

Mobile, Responsive, & Out Within 24 Hours

Our goal is to be as mobile and responsive as possible. Once an appointment is arranged, we will get out to the client within 24 hours. Being a small company, we are small & nimble. We drive smaller vehicles and use equipment that is appropriately sized.

Using Green & Eco-Friendly Products

We want to be as green as possible. For example we use an eco-friendly product to clean and maintain your carpets. A low moisture method that leaves your carpets clean and dry within 45-1.5 hours. A lot of schools prefer this process, because people can get back on the carpet right after it being cleaned.

Why We Don't Provide Pricing Over the Phone

We get it. Many people want a price over the phone. And occasionally we are able to provide one, or at least a price range. But 99% of the time, we need to walk the space with the client, identify what type of flooring it is, and then provide a quote. We do this because sometimes misidentifications by clients can happen. The misidentification typically includes the type of flooring, the square footage and the type of damage/wear. 

Instead of Upselling, We Maintain a Consistently Low Price

Because we are mobile and nimble, we have a lower overhead cost. This is why we are able to bring more savings to our clients. We are very much against the upselling nature of the industry. We strive to be the Starbucks in our industry - everybody knows your pricing and they know they'll get consistent good quality. 

We set realistic expectations. For some clients that have a 10 year old carpet, we will be honest about the expected results. And that justifies the price we quote them. On the other hand, if a job is really labor intensive, such as concrete honing, we will be transparent about that as well.

We Don't Lock Clients Into Contracts. Instead We Keep Them By Doing Good Work

We do set up agreements with our clients. But as far as terms go, our clients won't be locked into any contracts. We want to make sure that our clients are keeping us, because they love doing business with us. We believe that hard work pays off. The one motto we live by is "Show, not tell".

Common Misconceptions of Floor Care

The first misconception we run into a lot is being confused with janitorial companies. We do have some overlap with them in terms of the services we offer. The key difference is, first, our services are mostly monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, while janitorial companies provide mostly daily services. Also, we focus on floor care, whilst janitorial companies offer services such as emptying trash bins.

Sometimes clients may misidentify the type of floor they have. For example, we'll get calls in, and the client was very sure that they have wood floor. When we went out to do an evaluation, we found that it was actually an LVP floor that looked like wood floor.

Lastly, some clients may instinctually think that hiring a floor service company is expensive. This is especially prevalent in the residential market. But when we actually show them the quote, they'll usually be surprised by how affordable it can be.

Biggest Differences Between Commercial & Residential Floor Care

From the cleaning aspect of it, residential services are usually performed during the day. Most commercial ones are usually done during after-hours.

The equipment we use are different too. We may use hot water extraction for a residential client. Whereas for a commercial client in a 50 story high-rise, we obviously can't use a truck mount hot water extraction method, so we would use more portable low moisture extractors. We offer hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning, as well as dry cleaning methods. We always want to tell our clients that there is no one size fits all cleaning method. It always depends on the project.

Above were the key takeaways from the interview. If you're interested in watching the full interview. Here it is on YouTube.


About Premier Services LLC

Todd Stockwell

Founder & Owner

Todd has over 25 years of cleaning experience in the commercial and residential floor care industry. Our company works with home owners, business owners, facility managers, and contractors with all different types of flooring.

At Premier Services, we strive to meet and exceed industry standards.

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