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Published on Aug 21, 2022

 Fall is here—summer is gone and winter's on its way. When the weather gets colder, you may notice that your Bellevue commercial space feels a little more worn-out when you walk in. The carpeting under your feet could use a little extra TLC to keep it looking fresh and inviting. We've got some tips to help you take care of your carpeting this fall so it'll look great all year long.

1) Vacuum regularly

The first step to maintaining the appearance of your carpeting is vacuuming it regularly. This will prevent ground-in dirt and soil from building up between the fibers, which can lead to discoloration and a dull appearance. If you find that you have stains or spills in your carpeting, contact the professional cleaning team at Pro Image Carpet Cleaning! They can help get out any tough stains or spots so they don't have time to set in or leave behind a permanent mark.

2) Maintain it as much as possible

If you're able, try to avoid bringing in furniture with wood legs or other sharp items that may damage the fibers over time. It's also important to sweep up any stray bits of paper or trash (especially those pesky autumn leaves!) once in awhile to make sure it's nice and tidy.

Bellevue, Washington area business owners know that the fall season is a busy time of year. With all the foot traffic in and out of our offices or stores, we can’t help but be reminded that fall is also a great time to perform regular carpet maintenance. In fact, now is the perfect time to do it. We’ve put together some tips for maintaining your carpet during this busy time of year.

Here at Premier Services, we offer professional monthly carpet maintenance services to make sure that you keep your office space as clean as possible at all times!


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